Sunday, June 28, 2009

Buying Shoes for a Sister?

Is that possible? You might know a shoe size. You might know a favorite color. You might know....what else is there? What else would you need to know?
Shoes are so personal! Do you want someone, even your best friend or sister picking out your shoes?

This weekend the pressure was on! I received a phone call asking me what I was cooking for the week. As you know, my sister and I trade meals every Sunday. We don't usually share what we are cooking ahead of is always a surprise....not at all like picking out a pair of shoes for can be disposed, hidden in a purse (remember Sophia from Golden Girls), eaten while holding your nose, or given to the neighbors that won't let you know that it wasn't good just to be nice or maybe they will pass it on to the next neighbor who will pass it on to the next neighbor. Maybe just maybe, it will end up back on your doorstep. Wouldn't that be funny? Just try to do that with a pair of shoes!

Over the last almost two years (time sure does fly) that we have been cooking for each other, there have been a few flops, but not usually on the same week. She had already cooked, tasted, and critiqued her dish for this week. According to her, it was not good and I was challenged told to cook "something good" or we just wouldn't weight loss program? What to do? What if my taste was different than hers?

In my family, we play a little game when trying to decide where to go eat. It goes a little like this....What do you want to eat?....Food...What kind of food?....Good food...What kind of good food?...Real good food....What kind of real good food? This goes on until someone just makes a decision and that is that!

What happened to the time when there were few choices? You ate what was put on the table and everyone was happy to satisfy their hunger. Mom made the decision and that was that. Shoe stores were limited,, brown, white, and dye to match for a special shoes, school shoes, work shoes, Sunday shoes... Was life easier or just boring?

I made a decision... Sunday Dinner recipe...the pressure was off when I settled for boring, easy, and comfort...old faithful, tried ant true.... Company Chicken . My partner in Sunday Dinner recipes could have prepared Chicken Tetrazini or Spaghetti D'Amore. Either would have been alright with me. (Her dish was good...recipe to be shared after she gives it to me.) To make up for what she thought was so bad, she made a family (and neighbor) favorite much for the new weight loss program!

Easy Apricot or Peach Strudel

2 1/4 cups flour
1 cup sour cream
1 cup butter
1 jar of apricot or peach preserves
pecans (optional)

Mix well first three ingredients together. Let stand in refrigerator at least one hour. Then divide into fourths and roll dough about 13 inches long and 8 inches wide. Spread preserves along the long side of dough. Sprinkle with coconut and pecans (optional). Roll up in jelly roll fashion and seal ends. Arrange on a cookie sheet and bake at 450 for 18 to 20 minutes. Wen done sprinkle with powdered sugar if desired. Slice at an angle. Makes 48 slices.

With that sitting on the kitchen counter for the next few days hours, I hope I won't be out shoe shopping because I need a new size!

If the shoe fits, wear it well!