Friday, June 5, 2009

Do They Ever Make Shoes From Frog Skin?

I know that boots and purses are made from alligator, crocodile, snake, and even cows....leather....but, frogs? If anyone is ready to explore the possibility, I have the source.

We have a pond on the side yard of our house, right under one of our bedroom windows. (I have suggested that we move it to the backyard very soon.) Ponds with running water should be a source of tranquility and peace...a place of solitude.

Not this one! Every spring, during mating season, our pond is overrun with small, slimy, bumpy, wiggly, loudly croaking adorable creatures...and I have to remind myself...created by God.

The noise is obnoxious and anxiety-producing each and every evening just about sunset. Its sound has about the same affect as a snoring husband. Does anyone understand?

We have often thought that they sprout wings. Yes, wings! Every evening, my hardworking, world traveling, steel toe boot wearing husband becomes a tree frog catcher. He can catch two frogs in one hand and deliver them to the greenbelt that is adjacent to our neighborhood to release them into a creek that should make a happy home for those pesky, noise making adorable creatures...created by God (yep, I have to remind myself often). Several times when he returned home, the croaking had already begun again. See what I mean? It is as though they had sprouted wings and returned before he could get back home....or.....are there so many that we might be a source for some shoe manufacturing company?

One day this week we were grateful for the presence of the frogs. I can't believe that I just said that....but...this is how the story leaped forward.

My husband was searching all around the house for his favorite pair of glasses. No, they weren't on top of his head. He even went so far as to give the pond a good cleaning to see if they might have fallen out of his pocket into the pond while catching frogs.

I know that you are thinking right now that a frog was wearing them or had dove to the bottom of the pond to retrieve his glasses as a peace offering or as a down payment for a permanent home for his family. Now, that would be silly!

What really happened....with my help...I only hold the husband caught one last frog and ever so carefully toted it to the creek. As he was about to place the frog at the edge of the creek, he spotted them.....his favorite pair of glasses...nestled among the grasses.

His glasses must have fallen out of his pocket several days prior...that's how long they had been missing. No one had found them...maybe no one else has to return frogs to the creek.

That means...we have control of the market for tree frogs. I think we may have just found our way to the Big House. We'll be rich...I can see it now...everyone will be wearing frog shoes!

If the shoe fits, wear it well!


tpillstrom said...

Why don't you just fry the up and sell the! I know people in Texas eat frog legs! Or you could always ship them to Mexico. Everytime I've ever been there they are selling stuffed frogs in many silly playing a guitar. Just don't send them to Amber's house. Our bedrooms sort of face each other!

Eva said...

Love your are sooo creative! Amber told me to look it up so I could see the chair. Terrific job! I know Reid is happy to have it. I look forward to more tales (or tails...)