Friday, April 10, 2009

White Patent Leather and Easter Bonnets

The rule of thumb don't wear white shoes before Easter or after Labor Day. I'm not sure that rule still applies. I have an aversion for white shoes... and brown. I prefer color over white, but when Easter rolls around my mind recalls the sight and scent of white patent leather. You may ask...scent? Patent leather has a scent or maybe it's the product used to remove the black marks. Walking around for only minutes would result in little scuff marks on the pristine white patent leather. If an eraser was used, it removed some of the patent, so on to Vaseline or WD40 to remove those pesky signs of wear. Do you understand why I think patent leather has a scent?

Easter reminds me many aromas like the first orchid I received one Easter when I was in the sixth grade. It was my first...from a boy...his family owned the local florist. Candy Easter eggs...the ones with a hard shell and a soft white filling....the red ones were my favorite until red dye was banned. Fresh green grass with a slight dew...Easter eggs hiding beneath its blades. Sugar cookies in the oven shaped like eggs to be iced with a special icing and then there is the smell of a burning mixer because the icing is too thick for a hand-held...I need a KitchenAid. I cannot forget to mention the wonderful aroma of traditional foods associated with a grand Easter meal shared with our large family.

We will be converging on my sister's house for Easter dinner on Sunday. We have a pot luck type dinner...the family has all the sister and I have all the pots. How about a taste of our Easter menu?

Hickory Smoked Ham
Potato Salad
Baked Beans
Broccoli Rice Casserole
Macaroni and Cheese
Mexi-Corn Salad
Lime Jello Salad
Tossed Green Salad
Seasonal Fruit
Deviled Eggs
Dinner Rolls
Cheesecake Tarts
Pink Lemonade Pie
Peach Cobbler
Pineapple Cream Pie

My mother is famous for her Chocolate and Coconut Cream pies, so never fear, she will be adding those to the fare. My niece has been taking a cake decorating class so I hear that we will be blessed with one of her creations, too. If you have a KitchenAid...I need one...and want to join us, then make some sugar cookies iced with this...

Sugar Cookie Icing

2 lbs. powdered sugar
6 T. milk
6 T. Karo syrup

Combine ingredients. Mix at low speed...WARNING! Do not use a hand-held mixer unless you are ready to buy another one. This is very thick.

...that is if you don't think we will have enough sweets. There are so many of us, we'll just think you're family.

My sister heard that my daughter has a good recipe for Baked Beans, so she asked for it. This is it....

The World's Best Baked Beans

1 trip to Wal-Mart
approximately 100 steps to the canned goods aisle
2 hands to pick up multiple cans of Bush's baked beans (I prefer the regular...nothing special)

Take can opener (not Geggy's...I can come over if you need help opening the cans) and open each can
Empty the cans into a 9X13 Pyrex dish
Cook in the oven for a little while at 350
Take out of oven and enjoy!!!!

Easter...white patent leather shoes...Easter bonnets...baskets...egg hunts...but most important....celebration of our risen Lord!

If the shoe fits, wear it well!