Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sometimes a Piece of Furniture is Better Than a Pair of Shoes

Early this morning as I made the final preparations for our Easter dinner, I remembered why I don't make cream pies any more. Beginning with the crust...I made three after I was not happy with the first, but decided that the first was not so bad after all. Then, the cream filling...not difficult, but the name of the game is stirring which means standing until the cream thickens...long process that requires patience and a good pair of shoes. Last, the meringue....let me tell you, today that was fun!

I just might make more cream pies just to make the meringue. Sugar cookies might even appear on next year's menu so I can make Sugar Cookie Icing

As I sit down this evening resting my weary feet on my ottoman, I can't help but thank my God for family today. Our family gathering in celebration of Easter was one of food, laughter, games, hunting eggs, outdoor fun when the sun finally came out, and missing those who could not be with us. It was a great day even though it started out gloomy and rainy, the clouds soon rolled away and the sun broke through. What a beautiful picture....a reminder of the gloomy day when the stone rolled way, and the Son broke through on that first Easter.

Both, my sister and I added to our original Easter menu , but that is no big surprise. We're not afraid our family will go hungry, we just get into the swing of cooking remember some family favorites, run across extra recipes, or impulse buying at the grocery store adds to our written in stone menu. We added...

Baked Squash Casserole
Fresh Asparagus
Marinated Broccoli, Cauliflower, Carrot Salad
Relish Tray

There was enough to feed the five thousand all of us with lots of leftovers for all to take home....then the clean up began....wait just a minute...all the lucky people had departed and those with the pots were left holding cleaning them...."pot luck" dinner.

My daughter's recipe for The World's Best Baked Beans was a hit and my niece came through with a cute as a button cake....

Right now, this ottoman is better than any old pair of shoes, but I would do it all over again tomorrow, if that, laughter, games, hunting eggs, outdoor fun, and family!

If the shoe fits, wear it well!