Sunday, May 10, 2009

Wearing Mommy's Shoes

I think most little girls wear mommy's shoes at some point during their childhood. It is so much fun to pretend to be the one you adore. By trying on those beautiful high heel shoes or soft, fuzzy slippers, a little wannabe mommy feels all grown up.

Mommy's shoes are difficult to say the least...too big, too high, too long, too pointed. Even today, I think "mommy" shoes are much the same....days that I just can't fill them properly, days that expectations are way to high, days that are long and seem never-ending, days that all fingers point my way...after all isn't it always mom's fault?

On my very first Mother's Day, I had only been a mommy to my firstborn for 6 weeks and my pineapple pie making and orange-flavored tea serving grandmother had left this earth for her eternal home....a time to celebrate a new life on earth and a new life in heaven. In the years to come, Mother's Day became a day of hand prints in plaster, Mommy coupon books, marigolds in styrofoam cup planters, handmade cards and cherry cordials.....creativity with lots of thought went into those kinds of gifts.

Sometimes I find it difficult to buy a Mother's Day gift. It never seems to say enough. I struggle every year deciding what to give my own mother. As the years have gone by, her material needs and desires have diminished. What she needs most is knowing that she is still needed, that she still has a purpose, that she is still worthy of her title...Mother. In some ways I (along with my sister) have become her mother....yes, if you are blessed to have a long-living mother, then you, too, may see a role reversal. Finding that balance, without taking away her time-honored, well-earned position, takes creativity with lots of thought. Isn't that what children give their moms on Mother's Day....creativity with lots of thought?

Today I am thankful. I am thankful for a mother that pointed the way to Christ, taught me to encourage others, and loved me through it all.

Today I am creative with lots of thought. I gave of my garden-gloved hands to make her world a prettier place.

Two simple rows of begonias that will not outshine my dad's favorite pink hydrangeas, but will hopefully grow to enhance their big showy blooms.

Today my gift is inadequate to express what I truly want to say. But isn't it always? Did I show her that she is still worthy? Did I give her what she needs... to know that she is still see that she still has a purpose as my mother? I certainly hope so.

There is no greater Mother's Day gift than a card with a handwritten note, a phone call from a dear child, or the acknowledgement that no gift could be found that would say what they truly want to say. I am a truly blessed mother.

I will leave it at that! No Sunday Dinner recipes is my day off...well, no mother really has a day off!

If the shoe fits, wear it well!


Kristie said...

Hi Vicki,
Your blog came up in my google alert for Mommy's High Heel Shoes (which is my new children's book) My website is and my blog is

I also just planted a garden! My kids are out digging in it with my husband right now!