Friday, December 31, 2010

Sticky Gum on the Bottom of My Shoe

Don't you just hate it when you step out of the car onto a piece of sticky gum that someone so haphazzardly tossed in a parking lot! It is so hard to get off...and get off you must or your shoe sticks to the asphalt, concrete, or the tile floor in a store making an annoying sound with each step you take until it gets so dirty that it no longer sticks to the floor, but is still attached to the bottom of your shoe. I wonder why it never sticks to the floor....oh, it might stick a little and leave strings of gum in a trail behind you, but gum seems to stick to the shoe more!

Yesterday a big, empty truck appeared at our house....

Lots of shoes, without gum stuck on the bottom, passed through...

...and from porch to truck... they gathered our belongings for a journey half way around the world.

It was packing day and I thought of that little piece of gum stuck to my shoe as I watched the movers place inventory stickers all over my furniture. I sure hope they are easier to remove than gum on a shoe after the stickers have been on our furniture half way around the world in the time frame of about 6 weeks. Surely, those little stickers won't be like price stickers that require extra elbow grease to remove coming off in layers....maybe I need to pack some "goo-gone", just in case!

Packing was easy....we just watched as they wrapped everything in "dolphin skin"....that's what they called it! Interesting stuff...a big roll of slick, gray...dolphin skin...I get it now!

The sound of ripping tape still reverberates in my ears....I should have bought stock in "tape". I would have made a bundle with all the tape that was used to secure that "dolphin skin"!

We even made some friends with a great group of movers that we may never see again. We shared laughter, life stories, womanly advice, and good conversation...

...making the day go by quickly. Even a scale caused us to break out in laughter as one of them tipped the scale....of course, it wasn't made to hold his weight. I'm just glad that it was only boxes that were weighed hoping not exceed the air shipment limits, and not me. Everyone belly-laughed when George, apparently the oldest of the crew, was shown a small box to carry. He bent over to pick it up...I'm sure, thinking how nice of his buddies to think of his back by giving him such a small box...only to find himself unable to budge it at all...a part of the plan all along, when someone packaged my hard-working, steel-toed boot wearing husband's hand weights. My dear, hard-working, steel-toed boot wearing...weight-lifting husband so easily hoisted them onto the dolly so George could manuever them into the truck which wasn't an easy task either as he tried to push them up the ramp.

Thanks, moving crew, for making this step in our journey enjoyable.

Yesterday a big, full truck left our house...

If the shoe fits, wear it well!


Tom and Nancy said...

I'm so glad you posted the address for your blog on FB! I look forward to checking in on you as you embark on this adventure. You will be in our prayers.
Nancy Fowler