Tuesday, February 17, 2009

There's a Hole in My Bucket Shoes

Have you ever paced the floor and thought you had worn a hole in the sole of your shoes? Have you ever wondered what day it is? Have you ever wondered what time it is? Welcome to my world!

My hardworking, traveling husband was to return from Russia on Sunday, but it is now Tuesday night and still no sign of him. There was a small blizzard (is there really such a thing) in Sakhalin on Sunday.

The airport was closed because of 0% visibility. I am thankful that given the conditions, someone had enough sense to cancel all flights. I always want him to be safe....but how long was this to go on. I was having trouble keeping up with the day and time on the island. He would let me know via email that he might get to leave tomorrow, but what was tomorrow. He needed to get to Korea before leaving for the states and might have to spend the night in Seoul, but what night. Since he was on the other side of the international date line, I was so confused.

I now know that he will be home tomorrow (CST) and I know when that is, I think. The bad news is that all of the Russian Chicken is gone, completely, not a drop....and it was goooooood!

The new twist was cranberry sauce. I had never bought cranberry sauce any time except during the holidays, so I was not sure of its availability. There weren't many cans on the shelf so maybe, just maybe it was left over. Cranberry season is a short one and fresh is only available in the fall. I love homemade cranberry sauce so I was prepared with some berries in the freezer. I substituted cranberry sauce for the apricot jam. Instead of a sweet and sour flavor, it was smooth and mild....enough different that my son noticed....more like BBQ. I wouldn't call it Texas BBQ, but just enough to make you say....hmmmmm?. It's all gone....I guess that says something!

Since the Russian Chicken has flown the coop, I will attempt to cook something else for my world traveler that doesn't taste like "stuff". After this traveling mishap, I'm sure he will rather sleep than eat anyway.

If the shoe fits, wear it well!