Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Right Hand Foot Shoe Doesn't Know What the Left Hand Foot Shoe is Doing

In just one week's time, all of our belongings have been going, going, ....staying! I'm having a little bit of separation anxiety.

Many of our things left last week...

last night more was packed away in luggage...

and some stays firmly in its place at home.

My hard-working, steel-toed boot wearing husband keeps me in check about these all belongs to God anyway! I realize, as my hands have literally touched every belonging that we have either by sorting, purging, packing, storing, or giving away, that God has not just blessed us....He has abundantly blessed us beyond our imagination.

Today, all of it will be out of my air, by sea, or by firmly planted on land...completely out of my control...(anxiety creeps in)

So I will count my blessings....on the right hand foot shoe...the important ones.... oldest son is beginning his second semester of culinary school daughter is working at home as a full time mom youngest son is taking time to see us off on our journey oldest stepson is waiting for the birth of his first daughter middle stepson is working his way through school youngest stepson is working hard to provide for his family oldest granddaughter is in school where snow falls in winter youngest granddaughter is playing at home with her mom grandson is getting into everything (as my daughter will attest)

....these things I know!

But on the left hand foot shoe, our belongings....I'm not so sure!

If the shoe fits, wear it well!